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             Numbers 15: 37-41


Vay-omer adoni el-Mosh-eh le-mor
The Lord said to Moses:

daber el-be-ney Ys-ra-el
`Speak to the children of Israel

ve-a-marta Elo-him v-asoo la-hem tzitzit
and tell them that each generation shall put tassels

al-kan-fay vi-ge-dey-hem le-doro-tam
on the corner of their clothes,

v-nat-noo al-tzitzit ha-kan-af pe-til te-ka-let
and put a blue thread on the corner tassel.

Ve-ha-yah la-kem le-tzitzit oo-ry-tem oto oo-z-kar-tem
Then when this tassel catches your eye, you will remember

et-kal-mitz-vot adonai va-asi-tem otam
all the Lord's commands and do them.

ve-lo ta-too-roo  a-ka-ray le-vav-kem,
Then you will no longer wander after the desires of your heart

ve-akar-ey  ei-nei-kem  a-sher  a-tem zo-nim aka-rey-hem,
and your eyes which led you to lust.

Le-ma-an tiz-ke-roo,  va-asi-tem et-kol-mits-vo-tay
Then you will remember all My commands and do them

vi-he-yi-tem ked-shim  le-lo-hey-kem.
and you will be set apart for your God.

A-ni A-do-nai E-lo-hey-kem, a-sher ho-tza-ti et-kem
I am the Lord your God, who brought you out

me-e-retz Mits-ray-im li-h'yot la-kem le-lo-him;
of the land of Egypt, to be your own God.

A-ni A-do-nai E-lo-heyi-kem...
I, the Lord, am your God.'

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