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Ve-ha-ya, im-sha-mo-a tish-m'oo el-mits-vo-tai
This will happen if you listen carefully to My commands

a-sher a-nok-i me-tsa-veh et-kem ha-yom
which I give you today,

le-a-ha-vah et-A-do-nai E-lo-hay-kem oo-l-av-do
to love the Lord your God and to serve Him

be-kawl-le-vav-kem, oo-v'kawl-naf-sh'kem,
with all your heart and all your soul.

Ve-na-ta-ti me-tar-ar-ts'kem be-i-to,
I shall then give your land rain at the right time,

yo-reh oo-mal-kosh,
the autumn rain and the spring rain,

ve-a-saf-ta de-ga-ne-ka, ve-ti-ro-sh'ka ve-yits-ha-re-ka.
so that you can harvest your corn, your wine and your oil.

Ve-na-ta-ti ei-sev be-sa-d'ka liv-hem-te-ka,
I shall also give grass in your fields to your cattle,

ve-a-kal-ta ve-sa-va-'ta.
and you will eat and be full.

Hi-sha-m'roo la-kem pen-yif-teh le-vav-kem,
Take care that your heart is not deceived

ve-sar-tem, va-a-vad-tem E-lo-him a-kay-rim, ve-hish-ta-ka-vi-tem la-hem.
into straying, obeying other gods and worshipping them.

Ve-ka-rah af-A-do-nai ba-kem, ve-a-tsar et-ha-sha-ma-yim,
The anger of God will then blaze out against you. He will shut up the sky.

ve-lo-yi-h'yeh ma-tar, ve-ha-a-da-mah lo ti-tein et-y'voo-lah,
There will be no rain. The land will not produce,

va-a-vad-tem me-hay-ra may-al ha-a-rets ha-to-va
and you will quickly be destroyed from the good land

a-sher A-do-nai no-ten la-kem.
which the Lord gives you.

Ve-sam-tem et-d'varay ei-leh, al-le-vav-kem
So put these words of Mine in your heart

and in your soul,

oo-k-shar-tem o-tam le-ot al-yed-kem,
and hold fast to them as a sign upon your hand

ve-ha-yoo le-to-ta-fot bayn ei-nay-kem.
and as reminders before your eyes.

Ve-li-mad-tem o-tam et-be-nay-kem, le-da-ber bam
Repeat them to your children, and talk about them

be-shiv-t'ka be-vay-te-ka, oo-ve-lek-t'ka va-de-rek
when you sit in your home, and when you walk in the street,

oo-ve'shok-b'ka oo-ve-koo-me-ka.
when you lie down and when you rise up.

Oo-k-tav-tam, al-me-zoo-zot bay-te-ka, oo-vi-sha-re-ka.
Write them on the doorposts of your home and at your gates.

Le-ma-an yir-boo ye-may-kem, vi-y-may ve-nay-kem,
Then you and your children may live long

al ha-a-da-ma a-sher nish-ba A-do-nai
on the good land that God promised

la-a-vo-tay-kem, la-tet la-hem
to give your fathers

ki-may ha-sha-ma-yim al-ha-a-retz.
as long as there is a sky over the earth.

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