Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin

Tovia's father, Shalom Ben-Chorin, died in Jerusalem recently at the age of 85. He was considered one of
the great thinkers of Judaism in the German language,   Born in Munich as Fritz Rosenthal, Ben-Chorin
made aliya when the Nazis came to power.  Following the war, he was instrumental in establishing a Jewish-Christian dialogue with Germans.  He also organized the first German-Israeli youth exchange.  In 1958 he founded Jerusalem's Har-El  congregation, Israel's first Reform synagogue.

His son Tovia having served at Jacksons Row served as rabbi of Har-El from 1978-1981 before becoming spiritual leader of Congregation at the Jüdische Liberale Gemeinde Or Chadasch in Zurich.

Tovias's American-born wife Adina Ben-Chorin received an intensive Jewish education, culminating in a Jewish Studies degree from Gratz College, Philadelphia while pursuing her academic and professional studies (Urban Planning). In Israel she took a Certificate in Translation in Judaic Studies and worked as a translator for 15 years. After living in Israel for 30 years, she moved to Switzerland in 1996, when her husband was appointed rabbi at Or Chadasch. Now she teaches and lectures on Judaism and Jewish texts. Bible study is a major theme as well as women's role in Judaism.