Kalonymous ben Yehudah
A poem.
on the actions of the Crusaders
near the Rhine in 1096

'Yea, they slay us and they smite,
Vex our souls with sore affright;
All the closer cleave we, Lord,
To thine everlasting word.
Not a line of all their Mass
Shall our lips in homage pass;
Though they curse, and blind, and kill,
The living God is with us still,
We still are Thine, though limbs are torn;
Better death than life forsworn.
From dying lips the accents swell,
"Thy God is One, O Israel";
And bridegroom answers unto bride,
"The Lord is God, and non beside,"
And, knit with bonds of holiest faith,
They [ass to endless life through death.'