Noah  Project  aims  to  help  under-siege  farmers
Handforth peace
group hand olive 
branch to Palestine
by Owen Hughes
A JEWISH peace group in
Handforth has raised £300 for
Palestinian farmers in the
Middle East.
   The Noah Project collected the
money at a recent open house cof-
fee morning on Segars Road. It
will be used to plant olive trees to
replace crops destroyed by illegal
Israeli troop  incursions  into
Palestinian Authority controlled
   Handforth    activist   Joy
Pagano. of Segars Road, said:
"The olive tree is a vital crop in
the Middle East, the lifeblood of
farmers and an important sym-
   More than 100 people attended
the coffee morning, including
guests from the Jewish, Christian
and Muslim communities.
Pictured above (from left to right) are Avril Lethbridge, David Astbury,
Joy Pagano,  Rosemary Taylor
Joy said: it was an inspiring
event, full of co operation and
goodwill. It involved members
from different religions all work-
ing together  to raise  money
Hopefully it will bring a smile to
many an eye and be a little light
among all the darkness of conflict
and strife that is currently in the
  The Noah Project is part of the
Rabbis For Human Rights Group-
which works to promote peace in
Israel. Joy said: "Together we are
working  to end the cruelty
against the Palestinian people by
Ariel Sharon and the Israeli gov-
ernment. We believe though that
the way forward is reconciliation
and we are determined to show
people that there are activists
pushing for peace in this troubled
time. I would like to thank all
those who took part."