Chanukah Blessings

One candle is inserted on the right on the first night, two on the second, three on the third, etc.

The first two blessings are said with the Shamash already lit, but immediately prior to lighting the Chanukah candles.


Baruch ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu melech ha-olam, Blessed are You, the Lord our G-d, King of the universe, 
Asher kid-shanu bi-mitzvo-tav, Who sanctified us with His commandments, 
Vi-tzi-vanoo le-had-lik ner shel Chanukah. and commanded us to kindle the Chanukah light. 


Baruch ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu melech ha-olam, Blessed are You, the Lord our G-d, King of the universe,
She-asa ni-sim la-avo-teinoo, Who made miracles for our forefathers, 
Baya-mim ha-him oo-baz-man haz-zeh. in those days at this season.

The candles are lit from the right towards the left

BLESSING #3 - This blessing is said on the first night only.

Baruch ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu melech ha-olam, Blessed are You, the Lord our G-d, King of the universe, 
Sheh-eke-yanoo vi-ki-manoo Who has kept us alive, sustained us, 
Ve-hi-gi-anoo laz-man haz-zeh. and brought us to this season.


This paragraph is said each night, after the first light has been kindled:

Ha-nerot ha-laloo anaknoo mad-likin We kindle these lights
al ha-nissim ve-al ha-nif-la-ot For the miracles and the wonders
ve-al ha-te-shoo-ot ve-al ha-mil-kamot For the redemption and the battles
She-asita la-avo-teinoo Which You performed for our fathers
Ba-yamim ha-hem baz-man ha-ze In those days at this season
al ye-dey ko-ha-ney-ka ha-ke-doshim Through Your holy priests.
Ve-chol she-monat ye-mey ka-noo-kah During all eight days of Chanukah
ha-nerot ha-laloo kodesh ham These lights are sacred
ve-ein lanu reshoot le-hish-ta-mesh ba-hem And we are not permitted to make ordinary use of them
ela lir-otam bi-le-vad But only to look at them
Kedey le-hodot oo-lehalel le-shimka ha-gadol In order to express thanks and praise to Your great Name
al ni-sey-ka ve-al niflo-teka ve-al yeshooa-teka For your miracles, Your wonders, and Your salvations.



                        We thank You for the wonders, the heroic acts, the victories and
                        the marvellous and consoling deeds You performed for our fathers
                        in those days at this season. In the days of Mattathias, the Has-
                        monean, the son of Yochanan the priest, and his sons, when the
                        kingdom of Antiochus rose up against Your people Israel to make
                        them forget Your teaching, then You in Your great mercy stood up
                        for them in their hour of need. You heard their plea. You judged their
                        cause. You delivered the strong into the hands of the weak, and the
                        many into the hands of the few. You made Your name great and holy
                        in Your world, and gave a great victory to Your people Israel as at
                        this day. Afterwards Your children entered the inner sanctuary of
                        Your house, they cleared the Temple, and lit the lamps in Your holy
                        courts. Then they appointed eight days of dedication to thank and
                        honour Your great name.

Maoz Tzoor - Transliteration

Ma-oz tzur yeshooa-ti  Fortress, rock who sets me free,
Le-ka na-eh le-sha-beak how fine it is to sing Your praise.
Tik-one bait ei-fe-la-ti When my house of prayer shall he,
Ve-sham tod-ah ni-za-beak. our offerings of thanks shall raise.
Le-et ta-kin mat-be-ak The time You end all slaughter,
Mi-tzar ham-na-be-ak enemies shall falter.
Az eg-mor  I'll complete
be-shir miz-mor kan-oo-kat ha-miz-be-ak a song to greet and dedicate the altar

Ra-ot sov-ah naf-shiy, How my soul was filled with strife,
be-ya-gon koki kol-ah sorrow robbed my strength from me
kayay me-ra-roo be-koo-sh-iy Bitter hardship ruled my life.
be-shi-bood mal-koot eglah bound by Egypt's slavery.
oo-vey-ado hag-do-lah God let His mighty hand show.
ho-tzi et-has-goo-la. to help His chosen people go.
keyl pa-ro  Pharaoh’s power,
ve-kol za-ro, yar-doo ke-even me-tzoo-la. his finest flower, sank into the depths below

de-vir kad-sho he-vi-ani Brought to God's own holy place
ve-gam sham lo sha-kat-ti even there no peace I found.
oo-va no-ges ve-hig-lani Sent to exile in disgrace,
ki za-rim avad-ti to other gods I still felt bound.
ve-yi-in ra-al masak-ti I drank the wine of madness,
kim-at she-avar-ti seventy years of sadness.
ketz ba-vel Babylon fell;
ze-roo-ba-vel le-katz shiv-im no-sha-ti Zerubavel brought salvation's gladness.

ye-va-nim nik-b-tzoo al-iy When the Greeks were gathered round
atz-ay bi-mey kash-man-im in the Maccabean days,
oofa-r-tzoo ko-mot mig-dal-ay broke my towers to the ground,
ve-tim-oo kol hash-ma-nim spoilt the oil used for Your praise.
oo-minot-ar kan-ka-nim Your sign then guided our fate,
na-asah nas le-shosh-nim one day's oil lasted for eight.
be-ney vi-nah Our wise men
ye-mey sh-mo-nah established then
ka-v-oo shir oor-na-nim this festival we celebrate.


O Lord, creator and ruler of all things. by Your command light
springs out of darkness, and order out of chaos. In Your wisdom,
You granted us the power to struggle against falsehood and oppression,
and through this struggle to gain liberty and truth.

You appointed Israel a champion of justice, and the guardian of
Your teaching. Today we remember, in joy and gratitude. the courage
of the Maccabees and their victory against tyranny. Your servants
rescued Your house from destruction, and Your Torah from shame.
They rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem and heralded for all men
the ultimate triumph of their trust in You With reverence we recall
their loyalty and thank You for the wonders that You did for us
through them May their example and their sacrifice never fail Us in
the time to come.

As the lights of Chanukah shed their radiance in our home', may
they kindle in us the flame of faithfulness  May they help us to
struggle more bravely for justice and for truth, and guide us  towards
You, the light everlasting. Amen.