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And for all these things may Your name, our king,

V'al koolam, yit’barak v'yitromam

be blessed. exalted and honoured forever and ever.

tamiyd shim’ka Mal’kenoo l'olam vaed.

May every living being thank You;

V'kol hakayiym yodooka sela

may they praise and bless Your great name in truth for

viyhal'loo viyvarkoo et-shim’ka beemet,

You are the God who saves and helps us.

hael y'shooatenoo v'ezratenoo sela.

Blessed are You Lord   Bend knees on "barook", bow on "atah".

Barook atah Adonai,     

known as goodness, whom it is right to praise.

hatov shim’ka ool'ka neh l'hodot




For afternoon or evening service

For afternoon or evening service

For morning service

For morning service

Set true peace  upon Your people

Grant us peace, goodness and blessing; life,

Shalom rav al

Sim shalom tova oov’rakahkayiym  ken

Israel forever.

grace and kind- ness;  justice and  mercy.

yisrael am’ka tashim

vakesed tzdakah v’rakamiym aleynoo

For You are the king,

Our father, bless us all together with the light

le’olamkiy atah ho

oovareknoo aviynoo kelanoo yekad beor

the  Lord of all peace,

of Your presence, for m the light of' Your presence You give us,

melek adon l’kol-

paneka ki veor paneka natata lanoo

and in Your eyes

Lord our God, law and life,

hashalom, v’tov b’eyneyka

Adonai Elohaynoo, torat vekayim,

it is good to bless

love  and kindness, justice and mercy,

l’vadek et-am’ka

ahavah vekesed, tzadakah vrakamim,

Your people Israel at

blessing and peace. And in Your eyes

yirael b’kol-et

berakoo veshalom. Vetov beeineyka

every time and in every hour with Your peace.

it is good to bless Your people Israel


oov’kol-sh’ah b’sh’lomeka

levarikei etameka Yisrael

Blessed are You Lord,

with great strength and peace. Blessed  are   You  Lord,

Barook atah Adonai

beravoz ooveshalom. Barook atah Adoni,

who blesses  His people

Who blesses His people 

ham’varek et-amo

ham'varek etamo

Israel with peace

Israel with peace

yisrael basholom

Yisrael bashalom.




My God, keep my tongue from causing harm and my lips from

 telling lies.


Elohay n’tzor l’shoniy mera, v’siftotay

Let me be silent if people curse me,

midbare mirmah, v’limkal’lay

my soul still humble and at peace with all.         

v’nafshiy keafar lakol tih’yeh.

Open my heart to Your teaching,

p’tak libiy b’torahteka, v’akarey mitzvoteyka

and give me the will to practise it.

tirdof nafshiy, v’kal-hakamiymim alay l’raah

May the plans and schemes of those who seek  my harm come to nothing.

m’herah hafer atzatam v’kal’kel makshevotam

May the words of my mouth and the  meditation of my heart be acceptable to You,

Yiheyoo l’ratzon imrey-fiy, v’hegeyon libiy l’faneyka

0 Lord, my rock and  my redeemer.

Adonai tzooriy v’goaliy

May He who makes peace in the highest bring this peace

Oseh shalom bim’romayv, hoo ya’aseh shalom

upon us  and upon all Israel. Amen.

aleynoo v’al kol-yisrael, v’im’roo amen.

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