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And may there be no hope for slander, and may all evil come to



V’lamal’shinoot al t’hiy tik’vah v’kal-harish’ah haper

for You know the motives of man.

kiy atah yode’a et-atzat-adam,

Blessed are You Lord, who makes evil pass away from the earth.

barook atah Adonai, hama’aviyr rish’ah min-haaretz.



To the righteous, the pious,

Al-hatzadiykiym v’al-ha’kasiydiym

and the honest, to those who join us in righteousness,

v’al  hat’miymiym v’al gedey hatze’dek v’alaynoo yehemoo

and us ourselves, be merciful Lord our God. Grant a good reward


rakameka Adonai eloheynoo , v’ten savar tov l’kol

to all who sincerely trust in You. Blessed are You Lord,

habot’kim b’shim’ka beemet, barook atah Adonai,

the support and safety of the righteous.


mish’an oomiv’tak latzadiykim.



Turn in mercy to Jerusalem and may Your presence dwell within it.

v’liyrooshalaayim iyr’kah b’rak’amiym tashoov,

Rebuild the city of righteousness soon in our days,


v’tish’kon oov’neh iyr-tzid’kat’ka  bim’herah

and may it be centre of prayer

b’yameynoo v’takiyn b’tokah m’kon-t’filah

for all people. Blessed are You Lord, who builds Jerusalem.

l’cal-haamiym, barook atah Adonai, boneh y’rooshalayim,



Fulfil in our time the words of Your servant David,


Maleh v’yameynoo div’rey-david av’deka k’mo

so that men are again ruled in justice

shehav’taketa sheatah tim’shol

and in the fear of God.


b’olam’ka b’tzek oov’rakamim

Let light dawn in the world in our days,

m’hehrah taiyr lalolam b’oreka hatov kiy

for we wait and work for Your salvation. Blessed are You Lord,

liyshooat’ka kiviynoo, barook atah Adonai

who makes the power of salvation flourish.

matziyak keren-y’shooah



Hear our voice, Lord our God, father of mercy.

Shema kolenoo Adonai eloheynoo av harakaman,

Spare us and have pity on us,

Koos v’rakem aleynoo

and receive our prayer with love and favour.

v’kabel b’rakamim oov’ratzon et-t’filatenoo,

For You are a God who listens to our prayers and needs.


kiy El shomea t’filot v’takanooniym atah

Our king, do not turn us away empty from

oomil’faneyka malkenoo reykam El-t’shivenoo

Your presence, for You hear the prayers of all lips.

kiy atah shomea t’filat cal-peh

Blessed are You Lord, who listens to prayer.

barook atah Adonai, shomea t’filah



Lord our God, be pleased with Your people Israel

R’tzah Adonai eloheynoo b’ameka yisrael

and listen to their prayers.

v’lit’filatam sh’eh

In Your great mercy delight in us so that

oov’rakameyka harabim takpotz banoo v’tashereh

Your presence may rest upon Zion.

sh’kiynat’ka al tziyon

Our eyes look forward to Your return to Zion in mercy!

v’tekezeynah eyneynoo b’shoov’ka litzion b’rakamim

Blessed are You Lord, who restores His presence to Zion.


barook atah Adonai hamakaziyr sh’kiynato litzion



We declare with gratitude

Modiym anaknoo lak

that You are our God and the God of our

sheatah hoo Adonai eloheynoo velohey avoteynoo

fathers forever. You are our rock, the rock of our life

l'olam vaed, tzoorenoo tzoor kayiynoo

and the shield that saves us.

magen yish’enoo atah hoo l'dor vador.

In every generation we thank You

Nodeh l'ka oon'saper t'hilateka

and recount Your praise for our lives held in Your hand,

al kayeinoo ham'sooriym b'yadeka

for our souls that are in Your care,


v'al nish’motenoo hap'koodot lak

and for the signs of Your presence that are with us every day.

v'al niseyka sheb'kal-yom imanoo

At every moment, at evening, morning and noon, we experience

v'al nifl'oteyka v'tovoteyka, sheb'kal-et erev

Your wonders and Your goodness.

vavoker v'tzaharayim.

You are goodness itself for Your mercy has no end.

Hatov kiy lo kaloo rakameyka

You are mercy itself, for Your love has no limit.

ham'rakem ki lo tamoo kasadeyka

Forever have we put our hope in You.

ki meolam kiviynoo lak.

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