Daily Amida (Shemoneh Esrei)


Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall declare Your praise.
Adonai s’fatay tiftak oofiy yagid t’hilateka
Blessed are You, Lord our God, and God of our fathers,
Barook ata Adonai eloheynoo valohey avotaynoo
God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob,
elohey Avraham elohey Yitzkak, valohey Yakov
the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, God beyond,
hael hagadol hagibor v’hanora, El el’yon
generous in love and kindness, and possessing all.
gomel kasadim tovim konah hakol v’zokar
He remembers the good deeds of our fathers,
kasday avot oomevi goel liv’ney v’neyhem
and therefore in love brings rescue to the generations, for such is His being.
l’ma-an shmo b’ahavah
The king who helps and saves and shields.
Melek ozer oomoshia oomagan
Blessed are You Lord, the shield of Abraham.
Barook atah Adonai magan Avraham
You, 0 Lord, are the endless
Atah gibor l’olam Adonai
power that renews life beyond death;  You are the greatness that saves.
m’kayah metim atah rav l’hoshia
You care for the living with love. 
m’kalkel kayiym b’kesed
You renew life beyond death with unending mercy.
m’kayeh metim b’rakamim rabiym
You support the falling, and heal the sick.
somek nofliym, v’rofa koliym
You free prisoners,
oomatiyr asooriym
and keep faith with those who sleep in the dust
oomakyem emoonato liyshaney afar
. Who can perform such mighty deeds, and who
Miy kamoka ba’al g’voorot oomiy
can compare with You, a king who brings death and life,
domeh lak, melek memit oom’kayeh
and renews salvation. You are faithful to
oomatzmiak y’shooah. V’ne-eman atah
renew life beyond death. Blessed are You Lord,
l’hakayot metiym, barook atah Adomai
who renews life beyond death.
m’kayeh hametim.

Morning and afternoon
Morning and afternoon
You are holy and Your name is holy,
We sanctify Your name in the world
Atah kadosh v’shika kadosh
N’kadesh et-shimka ba-olam
and those who seek holi- ness praise You day by day.
as they sanctify it in the highest heavens.
ook’doshim b’kal-yom y’halalooka
k’shem shemak’diyshim oto bishmey
Blessed are You Lord, the holy God.

As it is written by the hand of Your prophet:
selah, barook atah Adonai hael
marom kakatoov al yad n’viyeka
And they called to each other and said: 

v’kara zeh El zeh v’amar
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of all creation,
kadosh kadosh kadosh Adonai tz’va-ot
the whole earth is  full of His glory
m’lo kal ha-aretz k’vodo
Blessed is His glory revealed in every place.

L’oomatam barook yomeroo
They cry in answer, `Blessed!'

barook kvod Adonai mimkomo
And in Your holy writing it is said:

Oovdiv’rey kadsh’ka katoov lemor
The Lord shall rule forever! Zion, He is your God for all generations
yimlok Adonai l’olam elohayik tzion
Praise the Lord! haleluyah
l’dor vador, halelooyah

We declare Your greatness to all generations,
L’dor vador nagiyd gad’leka
and to all eternity we proclaim Your holiness.
ool’netzak n’tzakiym k’dooshat’ka nak’diysh
Your praise shall never depart from our mouth, 


v’shivkaka eloheynoo mipiynoo lo yamoosh l’olam va-ed
for You are God, the great and holy king.
kiy El melek gadol v’kadosh atah
Blessed are You Lord, the holy God.
barook atah Adonai ha-el hakadosh

You favour mankind with knowledge, and teach mortals under-standing.
Atah konen l’adam de-at, oom’lamed leenosh biynah
Favour us with the knowledge, understanding and discern-ment that come from You. Blessed are You Lord,
kanenoo meit'ka deah ooviynah v’haskel, barook atah Adonai
who favours us with knowledge.  Turn us back to Your teaching, our father,

konen hada’at.  Hasiyvenoo aviynoo l’torateka
and draw us near to Your service, our king.
v’kar'venoo mil’kenoo la’avodateka
Bring us back in perfect repentance to Your presence. Blessed are You Lord,
v’hakazirenoo bitshoovah sh’lemah l’faneyka, barook atah Adonai
who desires repentance.  Forgive us, our father, for we have sinned;

harotzeh vit'shoovah.  Slak-lanoo avinoo kiy katanoo
pardon us, our king, for we have disobeyed;
m’kal-lanoo mal'kenoo kiy fasha’noo
for You are a God who is good and forgiving. Blessed are You Lord, 

kiy El tov v’salak atah, barook atah Adonai
who is generous to forgive.
hanoon hamar’beh lisloak
Look upon our affliction and defend our cause,
R’eh v’an’eyenoo v’riyvah riyvenoo
and rescue us quickly for the sake of Your name.
oog’alenoo m’herah l’ma-an sh’meka
For You are a mighty redeemer. Blessed arc You Lord,
kiy goel kazak atah, barook atah Adonai
the redeemer of Israel. Yisrael

goel yisrael
  Heal us, Lord, and we shall be healed; save us, and we shall be saved;
r’faenoo Adonai v’nerefe, hoshiyenoo v’nivashe’ah
for it is You we praise.
Kiy t’hilatenoo atah
Send relief and healing for all our diseases,
v’ha’aleh arookah oomar’pe l’cal-takalooey’noo
our sufferings and our wounds;
oll’kal mak’oveynoo ool’kal-makoteynoo
for You are a merciful and faithful healer. 

kiy El rofe rakaman v’ne’eman atah
Blessed are You Lord, who heals the sick.
barook atah Adonai rofe hakoliym
Bless this year, 0 Lord our God, and may all that it brings 
Barek aleynoo Adonai eloheynoo et-hashana  hazot
be good  for us;
v’et-kal-miyey t’vooatah l’tovah
send Your blessings over the face of the earth,
v’et b’rakah al p’ney ha’adamah
satisfy us with Your goodness,
v’sab'enoo mitoovkeka
and make our years good years. 

oovarek sh’noteynoo kashaniym hatovot
Blessed are You  Lord, who blesses the years. hashaniym
barook atah Adonai m’varek hashaniym
Sound the great horn for our freedom,
T’ka b’shofah gadol l’kerootenoo
and speedily may the voice of liberty be heard in the cities of our lands,for You are a God who
v’tishama m’hera p’doot b’arey-artzotenoo kiy El
redeems and rescues. Blessed are You Lord,
podeh v’goel atah, barook atah Adonai,
who redeems His people Israel in mercy.
hapodeh amo yisrael b’rakamiym
Restore Your judgement of righteousness in. the world.
Hashev mishpat-tzid’kateka baolam v’haser mimenoo
Turn away from us sorrow and pain,
yagon va’anakah oom’lok alaynoo atah Adonai
rule over us with love and mercy, and judge us with righteousness.
l’vad’ka b’kesed oov’rakamiym, v’tzadekenoo bamish’pat
Blessed are You Lord, the king who loves righteousness and truth.
barook atah Adonai, melek ohev tz'dakah oomish’pat

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